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Why You Need to Use Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is formed by the combination of water plus inorganic or organic components with the likes of sulfates, urea, creatinine, chloride, and phosphates. The main purpose why synthetic urine is made is because they are being used in laboratories. When it comes to the chemical and physical properties of both synthetic urine and the real urine, they are just the same; what they do differ, however, is the absence of waste in synthetic urine. That is why if urine sample is needed in places that do not need the real one because of the threat of hygiene and infectious diseases, synthetic urine is a must.

Here you will find the many uses of synthetic urine, for the most part, it is used in laboratories.

The first reason why synthetic urine is used if for calibration of equipment. There are a number of equipment that must be used for testing urine in the laboratory, and the most effective way to properly calibrate them is with the use of synthetic urine. When calibrating these equipment, it is best to make use of synthetic urine because if you use the real one, the composition will not vary from one person to another due to certain factors.
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Synthetic urine is also very important in terms of educating people. Using fake urine comes in handy when students are being trained to do some clinical experiments with the likes of urinalysis tests.
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There are different scientific purposes when it comes to synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine is very much useful among diaper manufacturers because they are also being used to do diaper testing. Checking of diaper quality can also be done by these diaper companies with the use of synthetic urine.

Another use with synthetic urine is doing some tests on cleaning agents. In order for salespeople and marketers to better prove how effective their cleaning product is in doing some cleaning, they make use of synthetic urine to show some demonstration. Most of these cleaning agents are the ones that people use to clean both their carpets and furniture.

Despite synthetic urine not being recommended to be used internally, others still claim it to be an alternative medicine. An alternative medicine called urine therapy makes use of synthetic urine to be its substitute.

Passing drug tests is another common use of synthetic urine. Of course, synthetic urine became popular with its use for this. If you talk about synthetic urine, you will not find any traces of drug use in it; hence, people using drugs opt to use this as substitute for their urine. While undergoing drug tests, synthetic urine is sure to provide you negative results. Despite the rigorous training the laboratory professional has undergone, no amount of training of theirs can let them determine a hundred percent if the urine sample you have given is a synthetic one.